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Floppy Disk


Tristan Burfield/ Zebra Mu: Split Floppy (2010). 3 pounds 90p (UK)



FCKSPL 013: Holy Void / Tristan Burfield – Split.

New split floppy disk by Holy Void from Belgium (dark ambient) and Tristan Burfield (Chiptune) from the UK out now on Floppy Kick. Hand-numbered and limited edition of 18 black diskettes, comes with a download code. Email Floppy Kick for more details: floppykick at gmail dot com. Extract from Tristan Burfield track available here (full track available through Floppy Kick!):

FCKECO 038 Tristan Burfield- Death Wish (Eco Series) Floppy Disk

News: New Tristan Burfield Floppy Disk out now on Floppy Kick. limited to 5 copies only. A short, original chiptune piece (Death Wish) with a spice of industrial: /


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