Tristan Burfield Discography


Net Label: Compilation Tracks



Tristan Burfield-Space Patrol on "1 minute autohypnosis" 8th CD.



Tristan Burfield-Space Patrol on "1 minute autohypnosis" 20th CD.



Tristan Burfield- Improvisation for Prepared Guitar featured on IFAR Musique Concrète: The Sound Objects compilation



23 SECONDS OV TIME Volume 11 One Channel / All Frequencies
Available from ain23 (2015)


Tristan Burfield-Your Charred Remains featured on WNA Compilation Vol. 6, by Wall Noise Action



Tristan Burfield- (0.08) featured on Swift Noise Compilation



Tristan Burfield-Mantra (Parts 1 and 2) featured on Utterances compilation, Lineaer Obsessional Records 2016



Free Net Label Release. Lets Kill Quality 24kbps MP3 Compilation (2017). 'Glass Arcade'
Available from Feed Me Glass Records (2017)


Tristan Burfield-Frontier Myth from HNM 500 compilation (2017)



Tristan Burfield-8-bit Resistance from Forces of Neurodivergence Vol.3 compilation (released by Chiptunes 4 Autism)



Tristan Burfield-Cold Dead Hands from IFAR Advert Compilation. Institute for Alien Research



Tristan Burfield-Turbulance from Under a Tortured Sky I March Compilation. Skitnaste Records



Tristan Burfield-The Haunted Toybox from A Late Merry Juggalo Holidays compilation (Kitsch Magik records)



Tristan Burfield-In Pursuit from Force Of The Underground (antropofagia records)



Net Label Release. TUNEDERE VOL.7 (TSUNDERE VIOLENCE Records). 'Amplified Metal Sheet 1'


Tristan Burfield-Amplified Metal Sheet (Redux Mix). 5 Seconds of Noise Compilation
Available from Obstinancy Records


Tristan Burfield-Descent from Atmospheric Connection Compilation (Ciane Orbe Records)



Tristan Burfield-Artic Circle from Unified Sound Gallery compilation (Amplidyne Effect records)



Tristan Burfield-Pole Position from Mobile Strategies. Clan Analogue Records. Bandcamp only Bonus Track
Available from Mobile Strategies. Clan Analogue Records. Pole Position.


Tristan Burfield-Positive Change from Infinite Potential (Chiptunes 4 Autism records)



Tristan Burfield-The Drunken Boat (Redux Mix)from Haunted Shipwrecks Horror Incident (Paracelsian Productions)



Tristan Burfield-May I be Excused V by shorty music V Poiskah DoDo and friends



Tristan Burfield-Pageantry for Nyman II by E Se Os Grandes Músicos Curtissem Noise? (Obstinancy Records).Available from Obstinancy Records


Tristan Burfield-Amplified Metal Sheet (Redux Mix ii) from Attn Span Compilation




Tristan Burfield-Amatuer Heroics from NPUC 2020 Compilation



Tristan Burfield-My Heart is Full of Love from QCS loves the NHS Compilation



Tristan Burfield-Magnetic Field from Obstinancy: 5 Seconds Compilation Vol. 3
Available from Obstinancy Records


Tristan Burfield-Homeward Bound from Chiptunes 4 Autism: Sensory Chill Compilation



Tristan Burfield-Breaking Point from Chiptunes 4 Autism: Sensory Fire Compilation



Tristan Burfield-Lesson no.1 from "Various - lifeforms in-between vagabonding enemy-signal-to-interference" compilation on attenuation circuit records" Compilation



Tristan Burfield-Watch The Skies from "V/A - Extraterrestrial Species" on Ciane Orbe Records



Tristan Burfield-Star-Crossed from "5 Seconds Compilation Part IV" on Obstinancy Records
Available from Obstinancy Records


Tristan Burfield-Automata from "Doll House V/A" release on Ciane Orbe



Tristan Burfield-Turntable Medley from "stylus discotheque" release on IFAR



Tristan Burfield-The Path to Black Lodge from "A Tribute to David Lynch" release on Cian Orbe



Tristan Burfield-Slipshod from "5 seconds Compilation Vol .5" release on Obstinacy Records



Tristan Burfield-(0.19) from "19 Seconds of Sound" release on Histamine Tapes



Tristan Burfield-Feels Like Home from "My City (Part V)" release on Shorty Music



Tristan Burfield-Autobahn (Kraftwerk Cover) from "V/A - 60's/70's Bands Tribute" release on Ciane Orbe



Therenody For Paul Nash from The Post Nuclear Compilation VI by Paracelsian Productionsc



Tristan Burfield (Norwich,UK) - Cold Steel from Tuza Noise Vol.2 by Tuza Records



Tristan Burfield- 8 NES Songs (Live) by Fuzzbat



Tristan Burfield- The Restless Ocean from Landscapes vol. II (CIOR-457) by Cian Orbe



Tristan Burfield- We are Building A New World from Post Pandemic Paradise on Antropofagia Records



Tristan Burfield- Stoner's Lament from The Bottom Line Part 2 on Shorty Music



Tristan Burfield- Snow Day from Coldness of Winter Compilation on Paracelsian Records



Tristan Burfield- End Times from Pear Shaped Compilation on Shorty Music