Tape Art 2002-2004


"Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element its presence in time and space...By making many reproductions its substitutes a plurality of copies for a unique existence" Benjamin, Walter- Art in the Age of Mechanized Production [1930]

In the spirit of other noise orientated/obscure tape based labels such as American Tapes and RRRecords, Anti Digital was formed with the intention of distributing and disseminating home made tapes and artifacts. All tapes are home-made on an order by order basis, and constructed with craft materials and other textured items to give a handmade DIY feel. Below are some examples of my work to date.


Tape Designs- Selected Highlights


Tristan Burfield- Prosthetic Self C-60

Tristan Burfield- Studies for turntable guitar/ No-input turntable/Diffrent Water C-90

Tristan Burfield- Studies for Amplified Kit C-90

Tristan Burfield- Music for amplified piano C-90

Tristan Burfield- Space Anatomy C-60

Tristan Burfield- Live 2003 C-60


Floppy Disc Art 2010


Tristan Burfield- Floppy Disc 1

Tristan Burfield- Floppy Disc 2

Tristan Burfield- Floppy Disc 3

Tristan Burfield- Floppy Disc 4

Tristan Burfield- Floppy Disc 5